What We do?


Logo & branding

We know well that taking care of your company's image / brand is the key to customer confidence.


Graphic Design

Each of our projects is carefully thought out and tailored to the individual needs of your company.



A properly selected advertising strategy is a reliable way to attract new customers.



The illustration expresses everything. Big or small - we'll create whatever you need - for books, leaflets, invitations, for a blog or exhibition.



The topic is free, but necessarily unique.



Properly selected images will give the interior the right character. It is good to surround yourself with beauty.


Wedding design

The most beautiful moments in life require a unique setting.


T-shirt design

Original t-shirt designs are a great way to express yourself.


Tattoo design

One of a kind tattoo design - because you are not like the others.

Evenflow Expertises

We work conceptually, we focus on originality and matching projects to the individual needs and requirements of the client.
We are open to new challenges and unconventional actions. Write to us and see what we can do.


Our Features

Talent, creativity, unconventional approach and openness - this is why we create unique projects.



From knowing the client's needs to the concept and professional implementation - that's how we work. We work conceptually, combining knowledge and experience in various fields.



We want to beautifully tell your story. It is important for us that the design was original and "tailor-made" at the same time.

Evenflow Team


Karolina Czerwińskas

Director , Manager

She dreamed of painting pictures and becoming an artist already in kindergarten. She is passionate about classical painting, Slavic beliefs, and darkness of the Middle Ages. He creates his works most often with grunge music and heavy metal rhythms. Privately, a loving mother and partner who spends her free time in good company and trying oriental dishes.

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Agnieszka Dyniakowska


She can't draw, but she doesn't have to - She is responsible for the written word in this team. An educator by profession, currently working in marketing. She believes that we get as much from the world as we give it. Appreciates good books, good movies, and intelligent conversations. In her spare time, she runs the blog agaidzieciaki.pl, jumps on a bicycle, or into the pool.

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Pankaj Kumar

Graphic designer

Pankaj yarg is creative director of Evenflow studio and founder of Designer Assets, a site for designers that will replace long blogs with short information to save time and energy. He has completed his graduation from C.S.J.M. University Kanpur in 2014. In August 2016, He completed a Diploma in multimedia from Reliance Aim. He looks at the world only with optimism in his soul and a broad smile on his face. As a Creative Graphic Designer, he is not afraid of new challenges, and he puts not only knowledge and experience in projects, but also the heart. He constantly develops, explores the secrets of drawing, listens to melodious songs, and escapes to the bosom of nature.

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Tomasz Gierczak


He was passionate about photography from an early age and explored its secrets by himself. Every day he deals with stopping people, the world of nature and ... trains. In his free time, he likes to travel the world on two wheels and, together with his wife, tries to control two unruly cats.

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