Terms and conditions


It is implemented in two variants:
Poczta Polska - przedmioty o standardowych wymiarach, paczka do 30 kg.
FedEx courier - standard and larger items with max dimensions of 3m (height + circumference)
If the purchased product does not reach the weight of 30kg and exceeds the permissible size (see point 1.) The store administrator will change the shipping cost to the number of packages corresponding to the dimensions, which will immediately inform the buyer Shipping costs are borne by the buyer.


Purchased goods are accepted only if they have not been used, have the original packaging, are included in the set (with accessories attached).
Money for returned goods will be sent to the given account or address within 7 business days. Returns are borne by the buyer
Complaints regarding mechanical damage caused during transport or considered only on the basis of a complaint protocol written on receipt of the package in the presence of the delivery person. We cover the costs of shipments resulting from incorrect execution of the order by our store.
NOTE: check the contents of the package in the presence of the person delivering it!
Returns and complaints should be addressed to:
Karolina Czerwińska ul. Sucharskiego 41 61-419 Poznań