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3rd May 2023, Biznes i Covid-19

A very difficult time has come for many enterprises. Very limited contact with the customer, the inability to provide services, the inability to sell products - these are just some of the problems that entrepreneurs face.

There are few branches of the economy which in the current situation record an increase in production and sales. Many more companies are struggling with problems that will increase over time. Closed enterprises, shops and restaurants, hotels, transport problems, fees, loans and the difficult situation of employees are just some of the problems that are not optimistic.




Control what you can

Unfortunately, we have no influence on what is happening around us today. There are also no general, golden tips on how to get out of the growing difficulties unscathed. The only thing we can do is think about how to make good use of this time. In many cases, we can devote it to rethinking the marketing strategy and adapting it to current conditions. Building a brand, strengthening the image, maintaining contact with customers, or building new relationships will certainly not be a waste of time!




Internet strength

Today, out of necessity, who can, he shifts to mobile work. We spend incomparably more time online than we did a few weeks ago. This is where life goes on right now. We work, create, talk to friends, look for entertainment. Online commerce is developing thanks to courier companies and parcel machines. New possibilities for advertising have been opened up thanks to the internet. It is worth considering how to reach new customers, keep in touch with existing ones, and build the image of your company. A good idea is to look for thematic groups dedicated to our industry. There are many, so you can choose! As an example, for example, a group for graphic designers:


Craftsmen and craftsmen, on the other hand, can look at:







Take care of the brand

Let's attract recipients by posting attractive ads on social media, publishing interesting posts, trivia, and customer tips related to your industry. Let's think, maybe it's worth organizing a competition? Or is online sales a good option? We must remember that now that we are deprived of personal contact with the customer, the visual side of our website or social media profiles is more important than ever. The Internet image is a "picture" image. Let's make sure that the published photos are of really good quality and the graphics are effective. If you don't feel up to it yourself, it's worth looking for inspiration or asking for help from artists, graphic designers, or photographers, such as Evenflow studio. The creators have also moved to the network and will definitely find time to support our marketing activities!




Website is your business card

A company website is a basis for a professional image of a company, so if you don't have one yet, now is a good time to think about creating it. Let's remember that it is easy to use and transparent so that customers can conveniently navigate it and easily find content that interests them. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be expensive! We can commission a website to a professional or use one of the free templates available. It's a really good idea to reach the client in a situation where almost the whole world is "stuck" on the internet. If we already have a website, let's take care of SEO - search engine optimization. This will significantly increase our capabilities in reaching potential customers and may perhaps overtake the competition. Good luck!

Writer: Magdalena Sprenger


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