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How Using an Online Logo Maker Can impact Your Brands’ Identity?

8th April 2021, Logo

Are you looking for a brand logo for your business but confused between opting for online logo maker tools and a professionals logo designer? Here’s what you need to read.

To a business, products/services are the assets and the logo, the brand’s true identity. Remember the pioneer Apple logo or of your favorite Nike or Puma shoes? You do, right? Of course, we recognize these brands because of their outstanding display of products and enormous branding, yet something that makes them stand them apart is the logo that comes into one’s vision when their name strikes.


A brand logo is not just a mere graphics that are put up on a website or a product to enhance the appeal but the essence of what your business possesses. It gains attention, creates a powerful first impression, establishes your brand identity, sets you apart from the competition, and cultivates brand trust amongst the customers. That is what a logo can do for your brand!!


However, to anticipate such an impact, you need to own a logo that reflects your business in the best possible way. And, once you decide to have one, you will want to decide on how you are going to get it and who you need to help with it. There are primarily two ways to get a logo designed for your business, hire a professional team, or use online logo makers (the most preferred one as they are available free to us).

Nonetheless, one has to keep in consideration that online logo makers are just an easy solution, or somewhat say, a timesaver way to produce a custom logo. There is nothing unique in these logo makers that rather affects your brand’s identity.

If you are considering using a free logo maker, these reasons may want you to rethink:


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1. Risk of Copyright and Trademark Infringement: If you decide to design the logo yourself or use online tools, you have to look after the copyright and trademark issues all by yourself. For the ones who are just starting a business or do not possess any legal expertise around, this can be a painstakingly difficult task to accomplish.

Surprisingly, one cannot claim copyright for a logo that has been designed by a free logo maker. Largely, because the designs which get picked are from the pre-defined templates, so the representation of the thought is not original. Moreover, there are high possibilities that other people might utilize the same tool and design the same logo as you did. Thus to avoid falling in the pit of infringement issues, one must hire an expert logo designer to execute your logo design.

2. Limited Design Options and Originality: Designing a logo requires an original and unique template, and in most cases, these tools fail to provide you so. If you use an online logo maker, your choices are bound, with the predesigned graphics that often lack in colors and designs and must have been used by numerous brands. Moreover, often these online logo makers result in logos that lack professionalism and make a poor impact on your brand.

3. Restricted Features for the Enhancements: A brand logo is beyond picturesque images, fonts, and colors. It represents your services, values, goals, and the customers/clients you want to attract. The biggest downside of employing a free online logo maker is that it refrains you to customize your logo to a greater extent as you cannot alter the preformatted images and graphics much. In contrast to this, having design experts by side can open up a whole new world of design options and help in presenting your business in the right way.

4. Absence of Consultation and Technical Experts: The logo generated from the Online logo makers is devoid of the considerations that one puts before getting it designed like, how your logo should look, how much impact it is going to put in front of the audience, and more. Besides, you miss out on other technical assistance and other resources that can help you in branding through your logo and other tools. Here, hiring a design team can save you from all the hard work that you need to put alone.

5. Hidden Charges: The biggest reason for the popularity of online logo makers is they are free or as they may seem to us. Usually, such tools offer free designs for basic logo designing, but they may charge eventually, or they will limit the best options until you switch to their premium options.


How is better a professional team than a robotic logo maker?


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Online logo makers may be the quick and easy fix to your needs but can harm your brand image in the longer run. As these tools are accessible publicly, and anyone can use them to generate a logo for their business, maybe much a look-alike of yours. Remember, a copied logo is a threat to a business and brand recognition than one with not, and nobody wants to go through such situations.


You will be amazed to know that Businesses around the globe, in the wake of this, willingly spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on producing a logo through professionals. You know why? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Logos are created with the thought and strategy of a professional
  • The logo is tailored according to one’s needs
  • You get access to correct formats and variations for all media
  • Logos designed by professionals, makes you stand out from the rest
  • Quality service
  • No risk of Copyright Infringement

If you are too struggling to create a design that is simple and attractive yet reflects your brand’s true values, you must think of hiring a professional design team. Of course, you need to do some research from your end, but trust us, it will be all worth it. Some companies like Evenflow Studio can help you with your logo needs, right from selecting designs to careful implementation.

Hire a professional designer’s team

We hope this post has helped you in making your decision about which method to opt for the logo designing. Let us know in the comment whether you have used an online logo maker or hired a professional team.

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