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11th November 2022, Business

As they see you, they write to you, says a proverb known to everyone. This wisdom works not only in personal life but also in business. The competition on the market is extremely high, and nowadays often the winner is not the one who has the highest quality or the best prices, but the one who can properly present himself to the customer and catch his attention.

Properly prepared graphic materials for a given brand (such as a company logo, business cards, websites, leaflets, brochures, etc.) and creative design are extremely important elements affecting the success of the company, its recognition, and popularity. Modern business is well aware of the great role they play and why it is worth investing in it.  


1. A professional logo is the company's hallmark

You don't have to look at them for a long time to know who and what we're dealing with - this is the impact of a well-designed logo. Seeing a professional logo, we see not only the picture, but the brand and its offer behind it.



   logo designed by Rob_Janoff


2. Good graphics can increase sales

Unique graphics, creative design, professionalism visible in every detail - it turns people, attracts, and stops with a given brand for longer. You don't have to look for examples far - look at a giant with an apple. Good design and unique graphics are the most important step on the road to sales success.

reklama studio poznan
The design by Management Institue

3. Design aesthetics testifies to the quality

Graphic designs refined in every detail, consistent with each other, and at the same time creative and standing out among other brands is the best sign of high quality, which convinces customers to choose this company and gives them the certainty of a good decision.

Studio Reklama, Branding, Sztuka & Projekty Poznań

4. Design = message

The colors, shapes, and elements of graphic design are a form of message and impact on the recipient. A professional designer knows well what a brand wants to convey to its clients and what emotions it evokes in a given project.

reklama studio
The logo image via


5. Graphic designs increase the professionalism of the brand

Aesthetic, refined, and coherent graphic designs that exert a positive impression on recipients are a sign of having a strategy, planned action, and setting goals - nothing better will give customers confidence and conviction about our professionalism.


Tożsamość marki studio poznań

6. Good design makes it easier to understand the content

Long and lengthy descriptions? Boring instructions? There is no need! The right graphic design can help explain the content you need and make it easier for the client to understand it. The strength lies in professional graphics!

Tożsamość marki studio poznań
Steve Jobs said it all. Design is as much about the mechanics as it is about aesthetics. Image via Startup Quote.

7. Graphic designs connect people

Employees with a company website, professional business cards, as well as gadgets with a brand logo feel more connected to their workplace and gain corporate identity. In turn, for customers having a product with a given logo can become an indicator of a certain standard of living, a fashionable necessity, or an opportunity to show their worldview.



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