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30th April 2021, Business

As you know, properly prepared graphic materials are an important element of the success of our brand. For this, however, you need a good specialist who will design and create something special for us. Most often, companies decide to cooperate with advertising and graphic agencies - how to find the right one for us? What should be considered?

1.Know your competition

Do you know the saying "Keep your friends close, but even closer to your enemies"? In business, it's the same with competitors - you need to know what she does, what her branding looks like, what her achievements and trends in the industry are. It affects the direction you take in your business, you'll be able to see the point where you can stand out from others, become a source of inspiration.


Review the portfolio of various agencies, check your current projects and references, or ask your friends for recommendations - don't just look at the descriptions, rely on facts and recommendations.


3.Know an agency to meet your needs


Search an agency to meet your needs Not every advertising agency offers the same. Do you work more digitally? Are you looking for printing specialists? Or maybe you care about creative and non-traditional activities? Adapting the agency to your needs and type of business.

4.Getting to know the agency's vision and goals

Good cooperation is one in which both sides give the same waves and understand their goals. Check what is the vision and mission of the agency that you want to apply, whether you approach projects and work similarly, whether you have a convergent look at design and its role in business.

5.Meet responsible people for the project

The agency is a partner and helper, so try to get a good relationship with the people who will be responsible for the project. Talk to them, exchange opinions, build an atmosphere of mutual trust and sympathy. Good energy will definitely be visible in the final project!

6.Start with smaller tasks

At the beginning of cooperation, start with something smaller. Thanks to this, you can build good relationships, get to know yourself, and work out. If everything goes according to plan and expectations, further actions will be the natural order of things.

7.Prepare a good brief

Even the best and most professional agency can do nothing if you do not say what you need. Prepare a good brief - they talk about your brand, goals, target group, expectations, and budget. This will serve not only the Agency but also - it will analyze your needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the brand, focusing on what is most important. If something is unclear, the agency will ask for clarification, and through talks, will build a common direction.

8.Take care of feedback and good relations

Exchange of experiences during the project, what went well, and what needs to be refined or improved. For both parties, this will be an opportunity to develop and improve communication skills, as well as a great basis for continuing cooperation in the future. Conviction of the need to take care of design in the company? Welcome to Evenflow studio - we will help you realize your dreams and achieve success.