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40 highly recommended resources for graphic designers-2023

23rd December 2022, Website

As a designer, I realized to make a group of graphic resources in one place where everyone can access easily without any pay and restrictions. That’s why I collected all my important websites from my bookmark and asked experienced designers to share all their secrets for free resources. Everyone can use these daily resources for images, mockups, freebies, blogs, color tools, typography tools, and more. You can find everything related to design on one platform Designer assets. Designer assets is the first choice of the designers to collect and update new things of design on one platform in a short way without loss of time.



Learn Graphic design





Learning is the root of any type of career for growth and getting the next position That’s why I bring the best online learning platform, free and paid classes available there.


2. Canva



Canva design school is my one most favorite site to learn design basics and advance. It is a free design school that has many important classes for design to boost a designer's career.


3. Behance live

Behance live classes


Behance live is a free live program created by the world’s most popular software company Adobe. The designer can update their skill and know more about Adobe’s software feature. How to use their service better and more.


4. Lynda

Lynda classes


If you have a small budget and can not afford school or institute fees then Lynda is the best option for you for online learning there are you can find paid classes


5. Udemy

udemy free classes


Udemy has over 13000 courses. It is a trendy online marketplace for learning and teaching. It is best for those who have a small budget and limited time.


6. Alison

alison classes for graphic designer


I selected some necessary classes for those who want to make a career in graphic design. These courses will help you to learn fast and know more about design.



Typography Tools


7. Typewolf



It is very difficult for a fresher to select the best combination font. Typewolf will help you to find the best combination font according to your projects. The tool can improve your typography. It is a very useful graphic resource for designers.


8. Fontjoy




Making a font pair is a classic problem among designers. Fontjoy solves the problem and provides an excellent font pair for designers.


9. Adobe Font




Adobe font has lot’s of the free font to use any kind of project, No need to worry about licensed and copyright. Adobe font is a very useful platform to pick and download a font family for designers.


10. Typography



The typography tool is one of the favorite tools of graphic designers to select and preview fonts that look at different platforms like apps, websites, etc.



Learn Typography


11. Smashing magazine



Smashing Magazine is a very popular and useful site to update design trends and knowledge. The blog is the best practice of typography for the web. 


12. lifewire



This link is for beginners to learn basic Typography. It is a detailed blog. I recommend learning more about Typography and perfecting your knowledge about type and fonts and how they can be used better.



Color tool


13. Coolors



Generate lots of color themes according to your design and brand requirements also can pick an unlimited color theme used by highly professional designers.


14. Adobe Color

adobe color

Adobe color is created by the largest software company Adobe. These we can make custom colors and download any swatches directly in your software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


15. Color Hunt



Color hunt is a free to color tool to pick the best and famous color palate.


16. Html Colorcode



Html color code will help you find color code for using any HTML website, software, and app.


17. Scheme color



Everyone can download, create, and share top-rated color palate, scheme, and more.





18. Behance



A portfolio is the identity of every designer. Behance is one of the best platforms to share design work and get inspiration from experienced designers on one platform.


19. Dribbble



Dribbble is the most popular community for sharing design, feedback, and inspiration. You have to wait for an invitation to join the platform or you can try a paid version to be a dribbble’s designer.


20. Bestfolios



For the best inspiration and know more about the best designer to tune the Bestfolios now.


21. Pinterest



Get inspiration, design, portfolio, and much more on one platform Pinterest.



Copy-right free images


22. Pixabay



Don’t be afraid to use images in your project if you are using a Pixabay image. No need attribute required 100% free images, illustration, video, and more at Pixabay. Don’t forget to follow or like the image owner’s profile to appreciate their work.


23. Unplash



Images 50–90% impact on any design so why use a normal photo. Everyone can download limitless images from Unplash for free. You should follow and appreciate their photographer to capture more beautiful images.


24. Rawpixel



Get creative with safe to use royalty-free stock images, vectors, and public domain illustrations. Download free for commercial use.


25. Freepik


Download high-quality beautiful images to make a memorable project for your company or client.


26. C.Mockup



The best Free samples, contests, & members-only giveaways of full-size products, gift cards, & more. Save your time and money to use c.mockup for your business or project. It has unlimited graphic resources for a graphic designer.


27. Pexels



Pexels also is the most popular platform to download beautiful and copy-right images. You can use these images anywhere.


28. Burst



I recommend you keep all websites on your savings list because Every website has a different collection of each other.

Download free mockup


29. Graphic Burger

graphic burger


Creative and beautiful design resources are available at Graphic Burger for personal and commercial purposes.


30. Mockup World

mockup world


Download free and paid unlimited mockups to make an excellent presentation of your next project from Mockup World.


31. Pixeden



Every designer wants to use the best resources to make a fast and elegant design. Pixeden has very professional and elegant design resources for designers.



Speed up work with free resources


32. Freepik



Freepik is the world’s largest free graphic resources website. It has trendy, modern, and popular design styles and assets for designers.


33. Smart Mockups



Create quick and easy stunning high-quality design presentations with Smart Mockups. It is a free tool.


34. Mockups Design

mockup design


Mockups Design has unlimited mockups for a free and commercial project. It is the best option to replace your custom present in front of the client. It is a time-saving process to be first then other your team designers.


35. Dealjumbo



Modern and trendy graphic design deals in one place. You can use these design and resources bundles at any type of design project private or commercial.



Free graphic design youtube classes


36. Graphic Mama

graphic mama


Graphic Mama is a very famous Youtube channel dedicated to Graphic designers. You can learn free about design basics and advance. Don’t forget to appreciate the artist to make future classes.


37. The Futur Academy

the future academy youtube


I love The Future Academy to learn design trends and styles. They provide useful tips, tricks, and ideas to create better designs. Their goal is to sharpen your skills, so you can increase your value in the marketplace.


38. Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics


My aim is to help you become the best designer that you can be, with comprehensive graphic design tutorials across the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as speed art videos and much more.


39. Philip VanDusen

Philip VanDusen


Philip VanDusen is CCO of Verhaal Brand Design, a strategic design and branding consultancy in the New York City metro area. We can learn about the brand, design, tips, and more. He has 202K over subscribers.


40. Creatnprocess

Creatnprocess youtube


The Creatnprocess channel will help you to make better your basic design knowledge and learn the new trends of design. It is the greatest source for high-quality training on Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects.





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