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6th December 2023, Website

If they see you, they write to you, says the proverb. There is a lot of truth in this. And most important is the first impression. That is why the need to have a well-prepared, professional portfolio is obvious to every artist. However, not everyone knows how to prepare them. A carefully thought-out, coherent portfolio is the creator's online business card and is often the first contact with a potential customer who makes (or not) a cooperation decision based on it. So it should reflect well both the skill level and the author's previous experience. It is worth using free, easy-to-use websites, where you can place an online portfolio. In this way, we will not only receive help at the stage of its creation but also get a group of recipients - a community in which we will find observers and - hopefully - future customers.


Here are 10 places where you can place your portfolio online at no cost:


1. Behance




This is one of the most popular websites for presenting your achievements and projects. Just create a profile to be able to add images, videos, or other digital content. Anyone logged in to the site can add comments and likes. Additionally, in the news, you can track the activity of other users, drawing inspiration, and establishing professional contacts. Behance provides its users' work in online galleries (Illustration Served, Branding Served, Web Design Served). The most outstanding designs are displayed on the Behance home page. There is also an active tab with job offers from around the world.



2. Dribbble



It's a good place for creators who want to present concepts or fragments of projects. You can upload up to 48 photos a month, but the work is visible only in the author's profile (they are not displayed on the main page or in the search results), until one of the experienced users, the so-called Players will not accept a newbie. For many people, this barrier has a deterrent effect, but on the other hand, it ensures a high standard of presented projects. It can be bypassed by purchasing an annual membership fee or by dribbble invitation to join in free.




3. Crevado




This is one of the easiest to use websites offering portfolio creation. Submitting jobs involves using the "drag and drop" tool. The free version allows you to place 30 photos and 5 galleries. Through Google Analytics, Crevado allows you to track visitor statistics (this is a standard feature available in your profile settings). Crevado is configured to integrate with Facebook and PayPal accounts, as well as Fotomoto, which allows the sale of works online. 



4. Coroflot




To join the Coroflot community, please submit some samples of your work. Only an approved creator can publish his portfolio. The site is not only used to present projects but also offers broad career opportunities, placing many interesting job offers, as well as providing examples of project remuneration.



5. Cargo




The website offers a very easy and very quick creation of your website with images, photos, or videos. The site is automatically optimized for any device, so you can view your portfolio on a smartphone or tablet, as well as on a computer. The free version allows you to build a portfolio of 12 projects.


6.  Adobe Portfolio


Adobe Portfolio offers the option of creating a welcome page (contact details, biography and links to profiles on social networking sites) and building a gallery of works that can be sent directly or imported from Behance or Lightroom. The platform automatically adapts to any device.


7. Flickr

Certainly, Flickr is one of the most famous photo sites in the world. It's a great place to share the effects of your work and meet new people with similar interests. The site allows you to share photos with friends and family. However, the strong attitude of the website to the community for some creators is the basis for questioning its pre-professionalism.


8. YouPic

Website designed for photographers. It allows you to create a free portfolio at a high level. In the Academy tab you can find information about workshops and courses, as well as materials to improve qualifications. In addition, YouPic offers users the option of using Blockchain. This technology allows photo authors to license their work and observe statistics on the manner and scope of their use.


9. Portfoliobox



Each artist will find tools for himself. The site allows you to create a professional website and works with all creators (photographers, graphic designers, artists, models, or musicians). Portfoliobox allows you to combine templates and graphic layouts, allowing you to create your own individual page. The free version includes 10 pages and 30 images. The platform also allows you to sell any works, works of art, and crafts online.


10. WordPress


The platform allows you to create a portfolio, website, online store, or blog. A wide selection of templates and themes means that there are many ways to personalize your site. A free package and various paid versions are available. The platform is used not only by graphic designers or photographers but also by writers, journalists. and copywriters. WordPress also allows you to present various aspects of creative work and an attractive combination of longer texts, images, and photographs.


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